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Posted in Twitter on April 30, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-30

Just had my first surprised "maybe there isn't an app for that?" moment. Trying to cut a piece of an image & paste it elsewhere in the image # This is one example of why I respect Apple as a company and Steve Jobs specifically: # @auroraeosrose becau ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on April 29, 2010

Twitter Updates for 2010-04-29

Yeah! I won! Time to celebrate!! # @courtenaybird on the day I'm in the city you are going to be gone? in reply to courtenaybird # @thekarladam happy birthday! I'm in the city today, so hit me up if you want a free drink somewhere. in reply to thekarladam # @yipe me!!!! in reply t ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-28

@SteveStreza and does a piss poor job of it too… in reply to SteveStreza # @mitchellh the painful process was creating a new base box completely from scratch without using any pre made one as a base. in reply to mitchellh # @mitchellh the lack of documentation was the majority of ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-27

@lapcat tell us how you really feel… in reply to lapcat # Holy crap! My sister's water just broke. Not to much longer until I become an uncle! /me does happy dance! #fb # So tell me again why we need Flash in the world still? This blows away most Flash stuff I've seen as ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-26

@KuraFire sad how many providers use simply ANI to let you into voicemail without password. Spoofing phone numbers legally is easy. in reply to KuraFire # Annoyed that Twitter still doesn't allow people to give someone permission to DM without requiring you to follow them. FAIL! # ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-25

@akumar after watching bit again recently, I'm convinced the voting was very rigged. in reply to akumar # Woz: "I went drinking with Gray Powell and all I got was a lousy iPhone prototype" shirt — curious where this was shot # @snookca that's t ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-24

@stroughtonsmith I'm far from an expert, but I think you can't copyright that (well, the code yes, but not the concept), only patent. in reply to stroughtonsmith # Unfair! When I did something "foolish" and was slammed by Gizmodo, I didn't have airlines offering me ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-23

@sampullara Facebook has never been known for reading even one page of any of the guides on how to make high performance webpages. in reply to sampullara # I <3 Unix shells! find . -name "*.zip" -exec du -s {} \; | awk '{ total += $1 }; END {print total}' # @sampullar ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-22

@yipe WTF!? From the looks of it, seems intentional too. Uggghh! in reply to yipe # @jessykate bad link in reply to jessykate # Find it annoying that some iPad apps will flip horizontal one way but not the other. No good excuse for that to not be bugfixed already IMHO # If You're So S ... Continue Reading

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Twitter Updates for 2010-04-21

NPR: 'The Grown-Up Brain': Sharper Than Once Thought-More at # Surprised my Twitter stream isn't full of excited developers downloading iPhone OS Beta 2 # @sh1mmer see my blog for details on how it's working. Blog post is on ipad doing that, but same ... Continue Reading