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Posted in Twitter on January 31, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-31

Just took a crapload of photos and video at the Chinese New Years party. The event was a lot of fun and went off really well! # I sure hope Canon is getting a kickback from HD manufacturers for making the 5DMkII. Each time I do an event now it’s at least 20gb or more. # @akumar Than ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 30, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-30

@omnivector I agree. Calling the “web” a “platform” is about like calling POTS a “platform”. It’s about connections/comms not running apps # Been trying to talk myself out of it for a while now, but seriously thinking about looking into having a n ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 29, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-29

The Livescribe is insanely useful and kewl. I’m totally in love with it, I just wish the Mac beta supported online sharing. Soon, please!?!? # Just got my W2 so I did a quick back of the envelope calc of what I would owe. Much to my surprise, it looks like I’m getting a tiny r ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 28, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-28

If we are in such a recession right now, how come I am getting full court pressed by so many recruiters right now? Seriously, it’s unreal! # If you’re looking for a job doing WebDev/Flex/Flash/PHP or gaming, video or mail specific type work let me know. I’ve got recruite ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 27, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-27

@thekarladam That’s a known deficiency of OAuth. Sadly, I’ve not seen any good implementation of a solution to that problem either. # Yesterday I set my alarm for a very different time than I did today and yet both days I woke up exactly 15m before the alarm went off. WTF!? # ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 26, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-26

Just did a massive overhaul of my followers list and split a large handful of people off onto a second account. Should make Twitter better. # @jamiei Nope, I kept the people who follow me and anyone else who’s interestingness is high (relative to their post count) on this account. # ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 25, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-25

I’d be willing to pay about $1k (aka about $2/disc) if some company would take my DVDs + an external HD, wrip em, and send em back to me raw # Useless but semi-interesting information: Of my last 50 tweets, 52.78% of my web tweets were 140 char and 41.67% of my Tweetie ones were too ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 24, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-24

Went all out on a friend’s birthday cake today. Came out insanely kewl: # Apparently one of my coworkers is insanely good at Where’s Waldo (finding Jerry Yang at Obama Inauguration in this case): ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 23, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-23

Apparently my last tweet caused a couple followers to leave according to qwitter. Were u offended by my lack of clean clothes or something? # Lazyweb (reward if possible): Is there a way in Javascript to use __defineGetter__ or similar & have it catch any prop (aka use a wildcard) # @ ... Continue Reading

Posted in Twitter on January 22, 2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-22

Human eye backwards through an 800mm Canon lens: # @jhstrauss That sorting makes perfect sense, especially since @ev is first in my list. I’m just surprised @bonforte is so high up there # Ooooohhh! I hear the rain on the window here at work. I should already h ... Continue Reading