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Posted in Blog on September 10, 2005

Hurricane Katrina / Houston Astrodome / Washington ...

Photos Link This past week I was distinctly honored to not only have the opportunity to work for a company who truly cares about helping those in need, but to also have the privilege to fly to Houston and work with an AMAZING team of Yahoo’s reconnecting those who have experience ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on September 10, 2005

Easy synchronization of email between two machines ...

Have you ever wanted to synchronize email between two machines and been disgusted at the lack of options to truly synchronize all mail? Of course there are ways to do it easily between a PDA and a desktop machine, but between a laptop and a desktop there aren’t many options (let alon ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on September 4, 2005

USGS color satellite photo’s of my neighborh ...

This morning I decided to make a couple images showing my neighborhood. The images are ultra high res USGS color satellite photo’s taken approximately a year ago. I added in a legend to show neighboring business’s which I frequent. Click the below images to see them fullsize. ... Continue Reading