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Posted in Blog on July 31, 2005

Found apartment and pack/move date set!

I got confirmation from the movers that they will be packing and loading my stuff on Thursday of this coming week (August 4th). Over the weekend, I decided it might be a good idea to go up to Sunnyvale and decide on a place to live. I made a list of ten places to view (thank you, thank you ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 28, 2005

Starting at a new job in 10 days!

I decided that I have been sand bagging the news long enough. On August 8th (as long as all goes well with movers next week) I will be officially starting at Yahoo up in Sunnyvale, CA joining onto the Yahoo Mail team. I am very excited to join the team and can’t wait to move up the c ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 26, 2005

What do you want to see/learn at a PHP Conference? ...

Catching up on some of my blog reading last night before heading to bed, I came across a very thought provoking post on Alan Knowles’ blog. As he didn’t have much feedback there, I was hoping more would comment here and give more insight. Here is an excerpt of his posting: R ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 26, 2005

Ever have Firefox gobble up tons of memory?

If, like me, you have ever had Firefox consume tons of memory (300-500+ megs) after running for a few days, this may be the fix to make your month. I had already determined that I believed it was caused by Flash, but hadn’t had much luck in finding what to do about it. A colleague, w ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 26, 2005

Now this is bordering on ridiculously small

I was just sent a link to what I would say is the smallest MP3 player I have ever seen. If it wasn’t on I almost wouldn’t believe it. 1gb of memory, FM radio, OLED display, and voice recorder all in a package which is a 1″ cube? I would be so afraid I would lo ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 25, 2005

Now a WHT Liason

Just got the news today I am now a Liason on WHT. Better watch out what your doing on WHT now, as I am there to make sure all stay in line. Thanks again to the moderation team for giving me this honor! Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 24, 2005

Weekend in San Diego / Mexico

This weekend I decided it was time for me to get some bottom time in. Thankfully, Dive Connections in San Diego had a sale going on this weekend on a boat trip to the Coronado’s Islands in Mexico. Driving down to San Diego was an adventure in and of itself. Traffic was just utterly h ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 22, 2005

Handy Firefox Improvement

Here’s a very handy tip posted on Andrei Zmeivski’s blog today: Pasting Wrapped URLs Here’s another Mozilla/Firefox tip: if you copy a URL wrapped over multiple lines from somewhere and try to paste it into the address bar, you will end up only with the first line of i ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 22, 2005

Athlon 64 work machine

The beginning of June of this year I built me a new work machine. After realizing I failed to finish uploading the pictures, this evening I decided to get busy and do just that. The pictures can be viewed here: The specs are as fol ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 21, 2005

PHP related search engine

If you have ever tried to search for PHP specific information on Google/Yahoo/etc, you will know how its not the easiest thing in the world to search for by any means. Marco Tabini recognized this issue and recently posted on his blog about a new PHP search engine he created. You can find ... Continue Reading