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Posted in Blog on June 29, 2005

New Code Gallery Online

This weekend I decided I wanted something to parse my Gmail account and show some statistics parsed from it. Thankfully from a few examples I found, this was pretty easy to do. After finishing that in about an hour or two’s time, it then dawned on me I had never finished a project I ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 27, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, incase you didn’t already know, today is my birthday! Many thanks to all of you who have called, email, SMS’d, or otherwise to wish me a Happy Birthday. Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 25, 2005

Decided to photograph my scuba gear today

After getting my new BC in the mail today (Zeagle Ranger), I decided now was as good a time as any to take photo’s of all my scuba gear. You can find the fruits of that labor here: I don’t have photos of my new regs or dive com ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 23, 2005

Zend/PHP Conference 2005

Just wanted to make a post on the upcoming Zend/PHP Conference this fall from October 18th-21st, 2005. Based on the inside scoop I have heard, it will be quite the conference to attend in the US this year, so if you’re involved in PHP in any way I would highly advise you make p ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 21, 2005

Won my last auction!

The last auction I was waiting on to end (because guy didn’t want to strike a deal to end auction early) finally ended and ended in my favor! I was really nervous as I was getting a nice deal just because the seller put it in the wrong category, but in the end I got it and was the on ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 19, 2005

New Scuba Gear

Thanks in a very large part to my folks, looks like I will be replacing some of my scuba gear for my birthday in 8 days. So far, the new stuff I have got is the following: Oceanic Data Trans Plus Nitrox Computer: http://www.jeremyjoh ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 19, 2005

Finished uploading pictures from parent’s la ...

I don’t think I have written a blog entry about my parent’s Scuba gallery before, but this might as well be the first if it is. I just finished uploading the last batch of pictures to my parent’s scuba gallery from their trip to Roatan last month. Check out the photo̵ ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 19, 2005

Long time overdue – Conference Day 3

After an entirely way to long time, I am going to post the wrap up to the conference. I apologize for the delay, but other obligations have kept me busy. May 4th I started the morning off with Dan Scott’s interesting piece on DB2. It really opened my eyes to some of the potential fo ... Continue Reading