Posted in Blog on March 24, 2012

Using all speakers on multiple Cinema Displays in ...

If you have the pleasure of using multiple Cinema Displays, one frustration you might share with me is being forced to choose which display (rather than both) as the audio output device. This has always made for an awkward audio experience that was frustrating. This weekend, I finally tracked down a decent solution, so ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 11, 2012

Apple says a big F U to Final Cut Studio 2 users&# ...

Not being a Bud Light type person (I virtually always ask “but why?”, especially when something doesn’t make sense), I felt compelled to dig into the issue further causing this to appear when you try to install Final Cut Studio 2 on OS X 10.7 Lion: following up on my blog post yesterday about how to ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 11, 2012

Installing Final Cut Pro Studio 2.0 on Mac OS X 10 ...

tl;dr $ sudo installer -package "/Volumes/Final\ Cut\ Studio/Installer/FinalCutStudio.mpkg" -target / tl;dr #2 For details on the exact cause and an easier workaround than below, click here to see my blog post with technical details on the how / why Final Cut Studio HD2 is being blocked from install without Rosetta. ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 22, 2011

Bank of America’s requirement of Adobe Flash for ...

While I am generally a fan of any security measure which improves your online safety, especially related to online finance, there has always been a nagging thorn which made me dislike Bank of America’s SiteKey / SitePass two factor authentication system. It all boils down to it’s requirement of having Flash ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 15, 2011

Raw amounts aren’t everything! We can’ ...

tl;dr – Until this country has restored a “true” balanced budget, nothing else matters related to our national debt. Yesterday I saw an intriguing retweet from a friend originally Tweeted by @paulfreid related to the current US Debt crisis and how it relates to various presidents over the past 3 de ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on October 4, 2010

Leaping squirrels, facing fears, and knowing every ...

It’s very interesting the odd things which help you confirm you know you have made the right choice on a decision, but before I get to that, first a bit of back story. I’ve been collecting advice and been thinking about something for over two years now. I’ve thought so much about it, I’ve come ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on July 16, 2010

iOS DRM’d video playback failure

I’ve long been looking for a solution for playing back iTunes movies on my iPad/iPhone without having to sync the content to the device over USB. By luck, a friend tipped me off to the fact that MobileSafari would allow you to playback DRM’d content served over HTTP. From that news, I quickly SSH’d in ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on June 13, 2010

When things just go as planned…

One of the several things I love about using Apple computers is the fact in general, when I set out to do some project, things just work as planned (not sure if Apple deserves credit in all cases though). This is definitely not always the case, as evidenced by some of my angry tweets in the past, but in general that ho ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on May 29, 2010

Holiday Weekend meal planning

As is typically tradition for me, I’m going to be cooking for some friends again this holiday weekend. Lately that seems to involve me and a grill more often than not and I wanted something a bit healthier than steaks or ribs (despite their tastiness), so I decided to dig through the recipe books and come up with ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on April 8, 2010

iPad Geo Location Accuracy

On Monday while riding into the city (the city = San Francisco for those not from this area), I took the opportunity to play with my iPad. Needing an internet connection and not having a 3G model yet, I used my iPhone + MyWi to get online. Randomly, I decided to open up the maps app and hit the location finder button. ... Continue Reading

Welcome to my site!

As you have probably already gathered, my name is Jeremy Johnstone. I live in San Francisco, California and currently work for LinkedIn. Formerly, I worked for a tiny web startup you probably never heard of, for the better part of the last decade.

In my day job I am a software engineer, mainly focusing on web based development. I have experience in most web development languages, but my highest proficiency is in Javascript, PHP, and Ruby. I’ve worked on a number of open source projects in the past and have also worked in a wide variety of different fields. Check out my resume for a more detailed overview of my skills and work history.

For fun, I love to travel, take photos, and scuba dive. So far, I’ve traveled all over Western Europe, all over North America, many places in SE Asia, and also have been to the U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi and Dubai specifically). My hope is that I can make it to India or South America before the end of the year, but we will see how that goes. You can view a small sample of the photos I have taken by clicking on the photos tab at the top of any page of this site. More photos are also available on Flickr via the link in the top right corner of the page. Most of my diving so far has been focused in the Caribbean, but I have also dove a couple times off the coast of both the state of California and Virginia as well as many inland US lakes.